'Awkward.' Sneak Peek: Tamara Warns Jenna That Matty's Thisclose To Hitting The Relationship Eject Button


Harlequin romances haven't seen as many plot twists as the coupled-up Jenna and Matty, but will their latest bump in the road -- Jenna neglecting to tell him about her pregnancy scare -- finally do the lovebirds in? J-Ham confides in her pals Tamara and Ming that Matty's been distant in the "Awkward" sneak peek below, and according to T, if his cold shoulder persists, it could spell doom for the finally DTR-ed duo.

Jenna assures her BFFs that she and Matty got a chance to talk things out, but when she asked if everything was OK, he replied with a cool, "Sure, babe." "He 'Sure, babe'd you?!" Tamara squeals. "'Sure, babe' is one step away from 'Whatever, honey,' which is the gateway phrase to 'Take care,' which we all know is the end!" Suddenly, a composed Jenna regresses into a freaked-out mess, and she ups her panic level to an alarming 11. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, FOLKS!

Think Matty and Jenna are approaching their expiration date? Tell us in the comments below, and see how it all pans out Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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