'Real World' Poll: Will Nia Follow Through With Her X-Rated Experiment?


Adjusting to the "Real World" house can be tough for the new kid. Cliques and judgments have already been formed between the other roommates, and it's easy to allow everyone else's opinions to cloud your own. So, when the girls warned Nia on tonight's episode that Jordan's stubbornness would eventually turn her off, she didn't exactly do much of her own research into his personality. Instead, she formulated a hypothesis that he's got a major Napoleon complex due to an inadequately-sized weiner, and decided to test said hypothesis by attempting to get up close and personal with little Jordan Jr. Sure is one way to find out.

"You said you were gonna be nice to him and make him vulnerable because he, like, picked on us!" Jess recalls of Nia's "guerrilla warfare" tactics in the MTV.com "Real World: After Show" clip below. Nia concedes that the girls' s**t-talking did sway her opinion of Jordan, but it wasn't until her direct argument with him that finding out the truth about his penis became a personal mission. Just how personal remains to be seen...by a lot of people.

+ Do you think Nia will follow through with her strange BJ experiment? Check out the video, then take the poll!

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