'Real World''s Hurricane Nia: False Advisory, Or Is This Just The Calm Before The Storm?


She's finally here! Nia crossed the threshold of the "Real World: Portland" house tonight and...the walls didn't cave in. The ground beneath the property didn't open up and swallow the tenants whole and we saw no trace of a locust swarm following behind. Is this really the hurricane we've been fearing, or is she merely a drizzle (albeit, one that's afraid of pants-swiping ghosts)?

As Nia describes her strong-willed personality in the "Real World: After Show" clip below, it's hard not to wonder: Are we dealing with a force of nature, or just a tough chick? "Everyone was really nice to me," Nia says of her first day, and it seems the feeling was mutual for Jordan. He says he was happy to have a housemate that wasn't as sensitive as Jessica, who blames her fragility on her breakup with James. Nia, on the other hand, claims she would never allow another human to have the same effect on her. "I'm not gonna believe what some d**khead says about me," she remarks. "I can walk into a bar right now with no makeup on, and no weave and someone's gonna be attracted to me." The woman certainly doesn't lack confidence.

+ What do you think? Is Nia just a misunderstood lone wolf, or are we still in for the storm of the century? Take our poll, and tell us where you stand on Nia: Day #1.

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