Check Out Cam McCaul's Crazy 'Nitro Circus Live' Moments In GIFs


Mountain bike pro Cam McCaul.

It's pretty much a prerequisite for the "Nitro Circus Live" daredevils to be a tad out of their minds -- they perform death-defying stunts in front of millions of people, after all -- but while watching last night's episode, we realized there's one pro who has a few screws looser than his peers. Cam McCaul a.k.a. Crazy Cam is not afraid to do, well, anything (including suiting up in a German flag-inspired onesie), and while some doctors would probably suggest he check into a good inpatient care facility, we think it makes the most sense to celebrate his insanity with some GIFs. Who's with us?


Cam's much better with turns on two wheels than two feet.


Note to Cam: You can't teach an old reindeer new tricks.



Ah, such a way with words.


Cam McCaul: motocross man of mystery.

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Photo: Cam McCaul