'Awkward.' Poll: Should Jenna Have Told Matty About Her Pregnancy Scare?


On last night's "Awkward" premiere, Jenna worried that a late period meant a bun was warming in her 16-year-old oven. After she came clean to her mom about getting lost in the heat of passion with Matty -- and not taking proper precautions -- she realized she was in the same predicament Lacey had been in when she became pregnant with Jenna. Ultimately, the stick didn't turn blue, but when Matty found out (from Jake, no less) that Jenna had a pregnancy scare and no immediate plans to tell him, he was pretty pissed.

While in the waiting room at the gynecologist, Lacey argued to her daughter that there was no need to tell Matty about the maybe-baby since it didn't actually manifest. In her opinion, it was Jenna's burden to bear, and there was no sense in involving a second party if there was no child to consider. Jenna, on the other hand, wanted to lean on Matty for support and give him a reason to be more careful, but she eventually took her mother's advice, which came back to bite her in the ass.

+ What do you think? Did Jenna have a responsibility to tell Matty? Take our poll! And while you're mulling over the subject, keep in mind that having unprotected sex can also bring on STDs -- check out the clip below to hear Molly Tarlov and Jillian Rose Reed discuss the importance of getting yourself tested.

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