Val Vows To Uncover The Mystery Of Ricky Schwartz's Death In New 'Awkward.' Web Series [Video]


Now that it's sunk in that Ricky Schwartz is truly gone, the Palos Hills High School community is looking for answers. No one really knows how the heartbreaker passed away, but one person who won't rest until she gets to the bottom of it is guidance counselor vice principal guidance counselor Valerie Marks. In the webisode below, which officially kicks off her six-part quest to uncover the mystery, Val vows to do whatever it takes to find out the truth, even if it means exhuming Ricky's body. No Child Left Behind has suddenly taken on an entirely different connotation...

"Can you imagine being tied up in the woods, bleeding?" Val pleads to a cornered Matty McKibben. "The woodland creatures -- so cute -- until they're picking at your flesh." (For the record, this isn't how Ricky died -- Val's accompanying story about her cat's tragic death is just a morbid parallel.) The self-proclaimed P.I. assures a rather indifferent Matty that she's determined to crack the case. "I will work tirelessly -- morning, noon and coffee break -- until I know how Ricky Fievel Schwartz was taken from this earth," she asserts. But first, she really needs a nap.

Check out the video, as well as the next webisode in the series, where Val interrogates Tamara for more info, and stop by Remote Control for a new episode each week to figure out how Ricky Schwartz met his maker!

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