'True Life' Sneak Peek: Nicole's Over Dating A 37-Year-Old Who Still Lives At Home


Leaning on parents for support during tough times is understandable, but what about those who consciously choose to reside in the safe shade of their family tree? On the next "True Life," people in love have grown tired of dating verifiable "Mama's Boys," and in the case of Nicole and Chip, the former can't stand the fact that her boyfriend, who's nearly 40, still lives with his mother, has no plans to move out and relies on her to get his whites whiter.

"He looks perfect, but he's not perfect," Nicole says in the sneak peek below. "He's been treated like a baby his entire life...it's really disturbing." Nicole says she'd have empathy for Chip's arrangements if he was cash-strapped, but he owns a gym, and is more than capable of moving out on his own -- he just doesn't want to. The sight of Camille waiting on her son hand-and-foot is starting to wear on Nicole -- will she finally throw in the towel on their love?

Check out the sneak peek, and tune in to see the rest of Chip and Nicole's story on "True Life: I'm Dating A Mama's Boy," tonight at 11/10c!

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