'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Leah's Wedding Dress Fits Like A Glove!


For brides, there's nothing like trying on your wedding dress for the first time after having it altered to fit your frame. And though Leah's been down that road before, in this "Teen Mom 2" bonus scene you would hardly know it from the way she reacts to seeing herself in the freshly tailored gown. Perfection!

After the seamstresses help Leah slide right into the stunning strapless, she oohs and ahhs at her silhouette in the mirror. "Aw, I think it looks so pretty!" the young mother says as she admires the handiwork. "You look gorgeous in it," one of the seamstresses replies. "It's kind of like the dress was made for you." There's no doubt in Leah's mind that her betrothed will love it, too.

"I promise this is my last dress!" Leah jokes with the women, and we've got a hunch she's right. After all, they say rain on your wedding day means good luck!

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