Resurrecting Ricky Schwartz: Watch The Dearly Departed D-Bag's Finest 'Awkward.' Moments


There's no universal method of grieving, but during a candlelight vigil on tonight's "Awkward" premiere, most of Palos Hills High School's female population (and Clark) went the route of spitting on the late Ricky Schwartz's grave. Hey, mourning is hard, but in the midst of all the ill will, Tamara managed to look at the bright side: Ricky was a crappy boyfriend, but without him, she never would have known she was capable of love. His life was not in vain.

Since we don't have a fleet of bagpipes to play in Ricky's honor, we've collected four reasons that the deceased dirt-bag is someone worth remembering. Check 'em out, and be sure to leave your condolences (a task the junior class couldn't handle...) in the comments.

1. Ricky Had A Way With Words

After Jenna kissed Ricky in a drunken stupor, a furious Tamara swore off her best friend for good. She wasn't exactly happy with Ricky, either, but he managed to vanquish her anger with these simple words: "You're so hot right now." It was a brief (some might say remedial) sentiment, but it was just what T needed to hear.

2. Ricky Was There When You Least Expected Him

After accepting the fact that she'd have to go to the big dance stag, Tamara was pleasantly surprised to discover that Ricky was the secret suitor that had been leaving her clues and love notes. Though she had already been dragged through the wringer by Ricky, his romantic gestures (and some outrageous dance moves) were enough to get him back into her good least for a little while longer.

3. Ricky Melted Sadie Saxton's Glacial Heart

By all accounts, Sadie Saxton is a sadist who delights in other people's pain, but even she was powerless to Ricky Schwartz's smooth talk. Often resistant to anything benevolent, Sadie melted into a puddle after letting Ricky's "I love you" marinate, and in a refreshing change of pace, we got to see a softer side of the bully.

4. Ricky Could Give One Hell Of A Reality Check

He giveth, and he taketh away. We enjoyed seeing Ricky play the nice guy role for a bit, but at the end of the day, he was still a sleezeball. When Sadie began to shove her relationship with Rick in Tamara's face just for kicks, karma came around and bit her right in the ass: Ricky had already moved on to Clark (who, we found out tonight, had been his secret hookup since the 6th grade), and Sadie got a taste of her own medicine.

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