'Ridiculousness' Finale Sneak Peek: There's No Shame In Being A Benchwarmer


In high school, college and occasionally beyond, jocks are king, but teams -- even at the varsity level -- aren't exclusively made up of Supermen. Benchwarmers are a crucial part of any athletic group, and in the sneak peek of this week's "Ridiculousness" finale below, Rob Dyrdek and ol' "G's To Gents" cast member Riff Raff honor those who got as far as making the team, but went on to choke when the big moment came. Being clutch is a fine art...that these athletes have far from mastered.

In "Never Going Pro," soccer stars, pole-vaulters and even rec basketball players make one big mistake after another, ensuring that they are nowhere near earning that coveted life-size trophy. One particularly airborne gymnast makes a bumpy landing after a misfired flip on the uneven bars, but at least she gets some claps of consolation (and, presumably, a massive bruise -- that slap sounds killer).

Check out the game day gaffes, and be sure to catch the full "Ridiculousness" finale Thursday night at 10/9c, followed by a "Best Of The Guest" special next week!

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