Get To Know The Very Sassy 'Girl Code' Cast [Video]


Fear not, clueless chicks of America! The series premiere of "Girl Code" is only five days away, upon which time you'll finally get some relatable advice on how to function as females in a male-centric world. And to ease your impatience until April 23rd (10:30/9:30c), we're giving you a peek at the wise women MTV hand-picked to school you on the "Code"... and penises.

+ Take a look at each cast member's abbreviated resume, and let us know whose tips you're most excited to hear.


Carly Aquilino: The Cool Girlfriend

Why She Knows Her S**t: Rumor has it this fiery redhead is shackin' up with "Guy Code"'s self-professed mama's boy, Chris Distefano, and if that's true, Carly's a shining example that men can (eventually) be weaned off of their mother's home-cooked meals. It takes a true female powerhouse to pry her boyfriend from the womb.



Tanisha Long: Miss Sweet-N-Salty

Why She Knows Her S**t: Melanie Iglesias, also of "Guy Code" notoriety, says this Philly girl is sweet as candy...unless you cross her. And can't we all relate to that, ladies? We're also digging Tanisha's go-getter 'tude -- the show hasn't yet started, but she's already using her decoder skills on Twitter!


GirlCode_NicoleNicole Byer: The Gossip Queen

Why She Knows Her S**t: Gossip is a must at any ladies' get together, and this outspoken New Yorker will have you LOLing as she dishes the dirt. Check out Nicole giving her two cents on Kimye's baby in this "Weekend Brunch" clip, and you might learn a thing or two about how to break down the latest pop culture hot topics.



Shalyah Evans: The One Who Can't Be Tamed

Why She Knows Her S**t: Everyone needs a friend who's down for anything, and this Cali girl will teach you how to let loose (and act a fool) without consequence. Don't believe us? See her bewitching sketch below -- the girl is ca-razy!



 Alice Wetterlund: The Chill Chick

Why She Knows Her S**t: Alice is calm and collected, as evidenced in this comedy sketch, where she shows hot-heads everywhere how to avoid flipping out when you have a misunderstanding with your boo. Just leave it to this level-headed chick to help you learn the right/wrong ways to deal with your man.



Esther Ku: Little Miss Sunshine

Why She Knows Her S**t:  This happy-go-lucky lady may not be able to teach us how to hold down a job (according to this article, she was fired from Sharpie for laughing too much before eventually turning to comedy), but at least she can show us how to look at the bright side of a crappy situation.



Jamie Lee: The Wise One

Why She Knows Her S**t: One look at her stand-up on "Conan" (not bad company, Ms. Jamie!), and you can see that this girl's been through it all. From breakups to bitchy run-ins with blonde supermodels, Jamie knows how to handle life's woes with a sense of humor.



Allison Carter Thomas: The Dirty Mind

Why She Knows Her S**t: Allison owns her womanhood and is not afraid to talk about sex, so she's bound to stir up some curiosity within all you secret vixens. Prudes beware! Check out more from this unfiltered blonde bombshell in her comedy reel:

+ Are you diggin' the "Girl Code" lineup? Watch the video below for even more cast member factoids, and tune in to the series premiere April 23 at 10:30/9:30c on MTV!

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Photos: Colin Douglas Gray

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