'True Life: Movie Awards Edition': I'm Jennifer Lawrence's Forgotten Twin Sister [Video]


Docu-series "True Life" recently took a look at the pitfalls of sibling rivalry, but we've since discovered family-friction isn't exclusive to mere mortals; celebrity kinsfolk face the same turmoil as the rest of us. In this 2013 MTV Movie Awards online-exclusive video, we get a glimpse into the life of Catherine Lawrence, the (much) lesser-known sister of Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, and though Catherine lives a humble life replete with scooping animal poop and anal sex, she insists she's not one to be pitied.

"We are identical in every way except for how we look and how we act," Catherine (who's definitely NOT Rebel Wilson) says in the video, describing her relationship with her twin sis. Catherine says she isn't at all jealous of J-Law's international success (through very, very gritted teeth...), and actually enjoys the occasional perk of being blood-related to a movie star. "She actually gave me her Oscars dress," Catherine says. "She said I could wear it as a scarf."

Big J-Law fan? See how the most eccentric limb of her family tree operates, and tune in to a new (real) episode of "True Life" on April 17 at 11/10c!

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