MTV Stars: GIF'ed On The Movie Awards Red Carpet!

MTV stars showed up to the Movie Awards lookin' damn foine, but we felt they were still missing a certain sumptin' sumptin'. (What? We're perfectionists...for other people, not ourselves.) So, in an effort to spice up their already smokin' hot red carpet looks and make our talent shine the way the MTV gods intended, the dot-com team got to giffin'! Below, take a look at a few special moments that might have gone unnoticed if not for our technical assistance.


Ashley Rickards of "Awkward." flashes her ring bling for Red Carpet Report host Holland Roden.


Daniel Sharman of "Teen Wolf" does the reverse butterfly stroke standing up.


Pre-show host Vinny Guadagnino gets accosted by fans.


Ke$ha lifts her chin to reveal a hypnotic smize.

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