Nev Schulman And Max Joseph Try To Reason With Self-Proclaimed 'Catfish King' Mark Wahlberg [Video]


What do Joe Manganiello and MTV News' Josh Horowitz have in common? On a normal day, nothing. But tonight, during the MTV Movie Awards pre-show, we learned that both men had been separately duped into thinking that Rebel Wilson was their online girlfriend. On a trip to Rebel's supposed home, the two uncovered that their "soulmate" was actually movie star Mark Wahlberg, who had also led actress Anna Kendrick to believe that he was her online boyfriend...Channing Tatum.

For Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, this was the jackpot of all "Catfish" investigations -- an elaborate ruse devised by an international celebrity thought by millions to have perfectly healthy self-esteem -- and it called for some quick thinking on their parts upon confronting a defensive Wahlberg. "So? I'm Rebel, I'm motherf**king Channing Tatum, I'm Denzel-f**king-Washington and Wesley Snipes with some Chinese [something or other we can't decipher through his thick Boston accent] right now," he told the internet private eyes, indignantly. "Dude, I'm the 'Catfish' king. Doesn't mean you show up at someone's house, it's supposed to be online!" Hmm, maybe he's never caught the second half of a typical episode?

While Kendrick and Manganiello were perfectly content to move forward as just-friends with Wahlberg and share some yogurt inside his pad, Josh took the truth much harder, and it was up to Nev and Max to knock some sense into Wahlberg's unapologetic heart. Celebrity, schlarebrity -- nothing holds these guys back from asking the tough questions! Ultimately, after some Dr. Philling from Nev, Josh was given a sort-of sincere apology from the former underwear model. A group hug was had by all...except for Max, who always gets left out, and we learned two very big lessons: 1. Stars -- they're just like us! and 2. If Nev and Max ever want to quit their day job, they could totally make it in Hollywood. Nice acting, fellas!

+ Check out MTV's first-ever celebrity "Catfish," and tell us what you thought of the ensemble performance.

Photo: Brock Miller/Splash News