Beau Mirchoff And Molly Tarlov Explain Their Allegiance To Team Matty [Video]


In life, there are lots of polarizing topics: Democrat or Republican? "Star Trek" or "Star Wars"? Sweet or salty? But the strongest rivalry of all, at least for "Awkward" fans, is Team Jake vs. Team Matty. Once you swear your loyalty to one or the other, it's hard to turn back, and last season, the cast let us know which guy they were behind. Both Beau Mirchoff (who plays Matty McKibben) and Molly Tarlov (who plays Sadie Saxton), were squarely on the tall, brown-haired side of Jatty. Going into Season 3, however, Molly's singing a bit of a different tune about Jenna's junior-year squeeze.

"I think I will always be Team Matty for Matty...I don't know if I'll be Team Matty for Jenna," Molly cryptically notes of her commitment to Mr. McKibben. "[We'll] reevaluate how we feel about all the characters and their relationships." While Molly seems to be struggling with her allegiance, Beau, on the other hand, answered our question without hesitation. "I'm biased, in the end. I'm still Team Matty." Good, because judging by Season 2's final episode, Matty's still gonna need the support.

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Photo: Matthias Clamer