Ke$ha Douses Uncle Nino In Baby Oil And Glitter On 'The Show With Vinny' [Video]


We can't think of many talk shows where the host throws a tarp down on the floor and allows his celebrity guest to desecrate his family member's half-naked body, but this is MTV, and a few jaw-dropping, cringe-inducing moments are to be expected. If you're lucky, which tonight you are, we might even throw in some glitter.

In the clip below from the special post-Movie Awards sneak episode of "The Show with Vinny," superstar Ke$ha dazzles the retired guido's kinsfolk, specifically his Uncle Nino, who's so taken with the singer that he lets her douse him with her signature sparkles. In order to make them stick, she first coats his skin with a generous amount of baby oil, which elicits some incoherent shouting about his nether-region. I'm in heaven, I'm in f***ing heaven," we think(?) he says after examining his new purple and green hue. "You look like a gay Leprechaun," Vin chides.

As Nino tries unsuccessfully to pronounce Kawsha's/Koysha's/Kaysha's name before she heads home, she explains her own glittering process, which takes place in a bathtub, apparently, and is way more glamorous. Okayyy, Ke$h, but which one was more fun? Exactly.

Check out the video, and tell us what you thought of Vinny's new show!

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