Check Out Which Classic Sitcoms Are Coming To MTV2!


Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday have become Internet staples, because -- let's be real -- there's nothing like reminiscing about the good ol' days, especially when it comes to TV. MTV2 has already quenched our thirst for nostalgia with the likes of "Boy Meets World" and "Saved By The Bell," but now, the double-headed dog network is beefing up its classics collection with three new/old additions to its lineup!

Chris Rock's hilarious childhood saga, "Everybody Hates Chris," debuted in the 1a/12c time slot fairly recently, giving insomniacs and procrastinating college kids a lot to laugh about. But MTV2 didn't stop there. Starting this Saturday morning at 10a/9c, Tahj Mowry returns to the small screen as everyone's favorite boy genius on "Smart Guy." (Fun fact: Did you know that a pre-"Survivor" Destiny's Child once made an appearance on this late '90s fave? Now that's an episode we don't want to miss.) The third classic to round out the awesomely retro schedule just so happened to launch Queen Latifah's career -- look out for "Living Single" later this spring!

+ With all this news, we're officially couch potatoes. Let us know which show you can't wait to see.

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Photos: Getty Images/TV Guide/CBS Photo Archive