That's What You Said...About Next Week's 'Awkward' Season 3 Premiere!

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Now that Spring Break is over, most of you are probably yearning for summer vacation; but in Palos Hills, the school year is just getting started. Next week, Season 3 of "Awkward" officially kicks off, and with a potential pregnancy for Sadie, a new couple in Tamara and Jake, and a new kid that's sure to shake things up, junior year looks like it'll be quite the ride for this crowd, and fans of the show are as rabid as ever.

Below are some reader comments we've collected as the long-awaited Season 3 premiere approaches, and whether fans of the show are supportive of Jenna and Matty, still pissed she ditched Jake or simply happy that Nolan Funk will be available for your gawking pleasure each week, the common thread is that you're all ready to reclaim your Tuesday nights. Take a look at the and Facebook feedback below, and be sure to tune in to the premiere on April 16 at 10/9c!

"I can't wait to see if Sadie is really preggo!" -- summerchick61

"I think Ashley Richards is gorgeous! I'm still Team Jake but Matty's a lucky dude...excited!" -- E-Pilz

"YAY! Obviously, I'm excited for the new season. The new guy is cute!" -- Aseelah


"She finally got Matty but now she's not happy? What the freak! Make up your mind, Jenna!" -- Kiah B.

"No, I loved Jenna and Jake together! Matty is just the hook-up type and not the relationship kind." -- Erica A.

"I'd really like to see Jenna and Matty have a relationship! It's about time! I hope they work it out and get busy lol." -- Candace L.

"I'm going to die! This show is phenomenal! I can't wait!" -- Carmen F.

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