Scottish Lads Prove To Be The Perfect Prey For Ke$ha's Beard Hunt [Sneak Peek]


It's not exactly a secret that Ke$ha is a bit of a beard fetishist (remember how she zeroed in on two scruffy gents when she baby-birded that cannoli?). So, when the glitter queen found herself in Scotland (which roughly translates to "Land of Bearded Gentlemen") while on tour, she was in heaven. In this sneak peek from the premiere of "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life," the lass takes advantage of the facial hair paradise and goes on a hunt for the perfect bearded laddie.

"Do you like my ginger beard?" one radio host asks the pop star, after she confesses her primary goal in Scotland is not to gig, but to land a beardo. "I do like your beard. I might bite your beard," she responds, eyeing her prize. Later, she elaborates on her desired qualities in a guy: "I want a Scottish man in a kilt. I want to fondle him under his kilt." The Scot interviewer then lets her in on a little native secret that might help her cause: True Scotsmen don't wear underpants with their kilts. "Really?!" she exclaims. "Lady. Boner."

Check out the sneak peek to see how the superstar's beard hunt goes, and tune in to the premiere of "Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life," Tuesday, April 23 at 11/10c!

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