MTV Twitter Roundup: Even Hurricane Nia's No Match For Mother Nature

Nia of "Real World: Portland" is a full-on storm of drama, but that doesn't mean she's immune to the cyclonic plight nature imposes on all womankind. Oregon's new girl recently alerted her Twitter followers to the fact that she was undergoing a particularly painful monthly, uh, episode, and her coping mechanism proved she is every bit the wild child we hoped and thought she would be. Ready your ears for this one...

Elsewhere in the MTV Twitterverse, Beau Mirchoff of "Awkward" went all out while preparing for a night of pleasant gluttony, while Ke$ha set herself up for body-punishment in the form of a juice cleanse. And though Nikki Glaser was well prepared to engage in warfare with her co-host, a sneak attack by little Aubree knocked Chelsea of "Teen Mom 2" completely off balance. Wave the white flag!

Check out what some of your favorite MTV cast members had to say on social media this week!


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