'Real World' Sneak Peek: New Tenant Nia Wants Proof That Jordan's An Instigator


Though the original housemates are convinced Jordan is a dick, new housemate Nia needs to see it for herself to be sure. Despite the fact that these two will have it out later this season on "Real World: Portland" (thanks, promos!), for now, Nia's still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Jessica and Averey warn Nia to be verrrry wary of Jordan's knack for making a good first impression in the sneak peek below, because they're worried the wool has already been pulled over her eyes. In the clip, Nia's shocked to learn that Jess and Jordan already went toe-to-toe -- pretty dramatically, at that -- in the first week. "I couldn't even picture that coming out of him," Nia says, after hearing about Jordan getting in Jessica's face while going Tom Cruise couch crazy. "You're in for a rude awakening," Jess warns, imploring Nia to keep her guard up around the house's super-competitive, stubborn emblem.

Check out the sneak peek and tune in to an all-new "Real World," Wednesday night at 10/9c to find out if Jordan and Nia will get off on the right foot!

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