SamRon's #TBT Pics Foreshadow Adult Lives Of GTL And Domesticity


Sammi Giancola's desire to feed her loved ones began at an early age.

You can learn a lot about a person by hearing old stories told by their family, but these days, there's no need to meet the parents (and actually converse face to face -- the horror!) with the Internet ritual of Throwback Thursdays. Sammi and Ronnie of "Jersey Shore" jumped on the #TBT train this morning when they posted photos of their childhood selves, and both snapshots were eerily indicative of what was to come in their adult years. If only Freud were still alive...

"People ask me how long I've been lifting?!? And I say since Onesies!!!! Only infant doing pull ups on my crib gates!" Ronnie tweeted along with a photo of what might have been his first bicep curl (safe to say he's bulked up a biiiit since). Sammi similarly foreshadowed a life of definite culinary talent with a pic of her feeding a doll. She's since graduated from store-bought ice cream for babies to homemade gnocchi for her boyfriend -- Ron's a lucky chap!

Check out the photos, and tell us what you think of Sam and Ron as kids.


Ronnie Ortiz Magro throws us back to his early days as a bodybuilder.

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Photos by @MTVRonnie and @MTVSammi