It's Game On For Travis Pastrana And New Racing Teammate Bryce Menzies [Video]


Teammates Bryce Menzies and Travis Pastrana.

When "Nitro Circus Live" star Travis Pastrana traded in his dirt bike for a race car, he was all on his own, but recently, the daredevil announced he's added Bryce Menzies to the Pastrana Racing roster as his new teammate. Twenty-five-year-old Menzies is also a former motocross rider, and not since Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. have we seen a better match-up! But even though they're in this together, there can only be one winner, which means the guys are technically both teammates and rivals!

In the clip below, the boys' competitive nature is evident before they even hit the track. From racing down the hotel lobby to opening the car door, both athletes are in it to win it. "Welcome to the team, Bryce. Hope you get second," Travis smack-talks. "It will be fun beating you," Bryce responds. Remember, fellas, if we learned anything from "Talladega Nights," it's that the secret is all in the "shake and bake."

+ Watch the video to see who comes in first, and don't forget to catch all-new episodes of "Nitro Circus Live" Tuesdays at 11/10c on MTV2!

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Photo: @BryceMenzies7