Caught On GIFs! 'Nitro Circus Live' Pros Jolene And Jaie Redeem Themselves On The Ramp


Jolene Van Vugt and Jaie Toohey.

After Jolene Van Vugt and Jaie Toohey both failed to land two very difficult stunts last year (a backflip blunder and leg-breaking fall, respectively), "Nitro Circus Live" fans anxiously wondered whether or not they could redeem themselves during Season 2. Of course, there was never any real need for concern -- if there's one thing we know about the "Nitro" crew, it's that they never, ever back down from a challenge -- and on last night's premiere, the daredevils made an INSANE comeback in front of a roaring crowd. Check out these GIFs to see them land their tricks in slo-mo!


A bumpy landing, but Jolene Van Vugt totally nails the backflip that previously eluded her.


Jaie Toohey dominates the ramp...and makes our heads spin!

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Photos: Jolene Van Vugt and Jaie Toohey