Ashley Tisdale Describes Mackin' With Zac Efron In Great Detail For Nikki & Sara [Video]


Ashley Tisdale has definitely shed her Disney roots with a sexy new cover shoot for Maxim, but during her Mickey Mouse tenure, she kept it PG. On the most recent "Nikki & Sara LIVE," The Tizz tells Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer that a closed-mouth kissing rule on "The Suite Life" left her explicitly forbidden from full-on making out with Zac Efron, but that didn't stop him from trying to slip her the tongue regardless.

"He went for it!" Ash says in the interview below. "And I came out of that kiss like, 'Woah!' Like, he was trying to get in there." The Zac attack wasn't her only onset curve ball, though, as Molly Shannon's hilarious shenanigans left Ashley giggling all through filming "Scary Movie 5." To help her focus, the movie's director suggested she channel "Unsolved Mysteries"' Robert Stack, and the fact that she (like us) had no idea who he actually was became her golden ticket to playing the scene. When it was over, the director praised her acting and asked how she kept it together. Her answer? "I was thinking, like, who the f**k is Robert Stack?"

Check out the full interview, and tune in to the "Nikki & Sara" finale next Tuesday at 11/10c!

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Photo: Stephan Wurth/Maxim Magazine