'Teen Mom 2' Twins Ali And Aleeah Ring In Spring With Some Playground Fun! [Photos]


Ali and Aleeah of "Teen Mom 2" don matching outfits to play outside.

Put away those wool coats, y'all, because the birds are a chirpin', flowers are a bloomin' and spring is FINALLY here! Hallel-fricken-ujah.

Now, everyone's got their own way of celebrating the end of winter hibernation. We happen to enjoy taking a midday stroll through Times Square to soak up all of the Vitamin D goodness (and grab a street vendor pretzel while we're at it). But "Teen Mom 2" twins (and BFFs!) Ali and Aleeah most certainly have us beat in the fun department, preferring to go hog-wild on the playground. Sigh, if only we had an office jungle gym...

Yesterday, Leah's eldest daughters enjoyed the warm weather by playing together in their backyard (take that, video games), and they even had a special guest join them: their kitty! While it looks like the animal was more inclined to snooze than partake in a game of Kick the Cans, it certainly doesn't seem fussy about having its picture taken. These shots are definitely for framing!

+ Check out the cute photos, and let us know how you're ringing in spring.


Peek-a-boo! We see you!


Finally, Ali has a chance to use her transition lenses!




And it wouldn't be an adorable collection of online pics without a cat in the mix..

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Photos: Leah and Jeremy Calvert's official Facebook page.