'True Life' Check-In: Joanie's Relationship With Maureen Is Stronger Than Ever

Tonight's "True Life" explored the stories of two young people who couldn't break out of their siblings' shadows. We had an opportunity to check in with one of them to find out how her life has changed since filming wrapped -- take a look at Joanie's follow-up below.

joanie-and-maurrenMy relationship with my mom and sister is interesting, because my family is crazy! We lived in Queens until I was 10, and then we moved to this tiny town. We're humongous people, and we're really loud, so it's not like we could have moved in and nobody would have noticed. Everybody noticed. I was lucky I had Maureen, because she's my best friend and she's all I need. There are no secrets in my family -- we're really close. We do fight lot, but we usually don't waste time being angry at each other.  I don't remember ever having a fight with anyone in my family that lasted more than a few hours. Actually, most of the time we just seem like we're fighting, because we don't realize we're so loud!

I think Maureen is amazing because she does a ton of stuff, she's good at it and she's kept her grades up really high. In high school, she had three different jobs. Maureen and I have done everything together, and I wouldn't trade her for anything else in the world. I like being around Maureen, and we got so close in high school. I felt like it could just carry on in college so I applied to RPI, but then I realized that even if I went to a different school that was better for me, we'd stay close no matter what.

I'm really glad I did "True Life." It was a shock when the producers contacted me after seeing an article about Maureen and me in the local paper, but I did think it was cool that I was interesting enough to have been selected. Though I didn't like talking about my feelings, I did like hanging out with the crew. It's awesome knowing all these little things about film production now.

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