Andrew Jenks Says He's Ready To Take On A Messed-up American Education System [Video]


"World Of Jenks"' Chad may be a stronger and more adept man for his specialized schooling (though he'd never admit it...), but Andrew Jenks feels the American educational system at large is a mess. Along the filmmaker's travels while documenting the Power of 12 movement, Jenks says he noticed that the way in which U.S. children learn is not up to snuff, and in the interview clip below, he tells us he's ready to shed light on all that's falling through the cracks.

"I want to do a show about what it's like to be a teacher," he says. "Now, that sounds really f***ing boring, so what I want to do is come at it from a different angle." Jenks shares that he has plans to use one very eccentric New York City teacher, who's been kicked out of a number of public schools, as a lens to point out what's wrong with the nation's system.

"He uses all these methods of teaching that almost put his students' lives on the line, but he actually believes they're the right things to do," Jenks says of his ideal subject, who's since worked his way into employment at a prestigious private institution. "He actually takes them to, like, a funeral home and they stare at a corpse of their old dead teacher; they all go on a school bus and smoke weed together. That's what I want to do next." Don't we all...

+ Would you be interested to see Jenks' proposed project? Check out the video, and tell us in the comments!

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