5 Things We'd Put In A Care Package For Sniffling, Sneezing Mac Miller


An illin' Mac Miller catches some Zs.

When a member of our MTV/MTV2 family falls victim to illness, we feel their pain, so when Mac Miller recently began tweeting things like, "damn. i just slept for 20 hours... i have some form of the flu or something...that sucks," and, "I haven't felt this s***ty in a long time..i hate being sick," we went straight into caretaker mode. Take a look at our patented (okayyyy, not really) Get Well Mac Pack below, and if anyone's got the guy's mailing addy, please let us know where to send it!

Ariana GrandeNurseAriana

Every ailing patient needs a nurse, and who better to nurture Mac back to health than Nickelodeon sweetheart Ariana Grande? The two got up close and personal on the set of their new music video, "The Way," so we're sure she won't mind tending to his every need. Plus, with pipes like the ones on Ms. Grande, her soulful singing will help Mac drift off into a blissful, NyQuil-induced slumber.

A Fur CoatMac_fur

Anyone who's seen "Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family" knows this fashion-conscious artist is a huge fan of fur, so what better way for him to keep those fever chills under control than a mink coat! When you're a superstar, a Snuggie just won't cut it. (Sorry, PETA, it's what the man wants.)


Herbal TeaMac_tea

Mac has been known to meddle with Mary Jane, but may we suggest a different kind of herb to help heal his sore throat? There's nothing like some warm, tasty tea and a dollop of honey to make sure those vocal cords are back to normal.


Chicken Noodle Soup With A Soda On The SideMac_soupsoda

Chicken noodle soup is any sick person's go-to meal, however, true hip-hop fans know you CANNOT sip your soup, then go drink a glass of water or OJ. That would be absurd! We wouldn't expect the hip-hop superstar to clean his bowl with anything but a cold, refreshing soda on the side...then let it rain and clear it out (his throat, that is).

A Scooby Doo DVD

ScoobyDoo In the midst of Mac's downer of a week, he still managed to put in man hours for his fans. "Working to put this video out for y'all, with a complete understanding that I should definitely be asleep in my bed watching Scooby Doo," he tweeted. Ruh-roh! No worries, Mac. Thanks to the final item on our list, you can now watch every single one of Scooby and Shaggy's mystery-solving hijinks!


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Photos: @MacMiller@ArianaGrande, Tumblr, Getty Images