Move Over, Pauly D, Snooki's Ready To Make Meatball Music!


Though there's little room left atop Snooki's entrepreneurial head, the guidette is happily throwing on another hat. While already juggling a literary career, her sunglasses and tanning product lines, and, of course, motherhood, Nicole has announced that she's spearheading her very own music company. Hear that, Pauly D? You and 50 Cent have got some competition coming your way!

Team Snooki Music, a branding agency for up-and-comers, will officially kick off on April 10th with three artists on the roster. Surprisingly, Snooks has decided to stray from her club-beat roots and build her brand with a softer sound.... Just kidding! It's house music for f**king days, and with B-Capp, a Boston-bred urban pop act, bilingual songstress Veronica Kole and AdELA, who brings a Miami flare, Nicole is really making a splash with her inaugural lineup. We can't wait to hear what it all sounds like!

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Photo courtesy of Hired Gun Publicity