Nev And Max To Uncover The First-Ever Celebrity 'Catfish' At The MTV Movie Awards [Sneak Peek]


MTV News correspondents need love too, amirite? Nev Schulman and Max Joseph know this better than anyone, because in the "Catfish" off-season, they've been helping our very own Josh Horowitz track down the Internet love of his life: MTV Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson. And what they've uncovered is a web of lies so deep, even Manti Te'o will be shaking his head at the triple (yes, TRIPLE) celeb ruse when all is revealed during the Awards' live pre-show.

In this sneak peek of the celebrity "Catfish" mini-special, Nev, Max and poor Josh are blindsided by a few familiar faces: Rebel Wilson's "Pitch Perfect" co-star Anna Kendrick, "Ted"'s Mark Wahlberg and "Magic Mike" hunk Joe Manganiello. And it ain't pretty. In fact, Wahlberg seems vurrrry peeved to be roped into a love quintangle (is that even a thing? Well it's a thing now.) -- we hope his appearance during the evening's "The Show With Vinny" sneak episode (airs immediately after the Movie Awards at 11/10c), which also features Ke$ha (!!!), will lighten the mood!

Watch the preview clip below, and don't miss The MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, April 14 at 8:30/7:30c!

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