Chelsea's Best Friend Gives Her A 'Teen Mom 2' Reality Check [Bonus Scene]


Chelsea's best friend Landon has always stood by her side, whether it's called for doling out beauty advice or helping her get into school. So when Chels decided that she needed a break from Black Hills to focus on finding a new apartment during Monday's "Teen Mom 2," she turned to Landon for his feelings on the matter, which were a bit mixed.

In this bonus scene from the episode, Landon acts supportive of Chelsea's decision -- but not without getting in an overt eye roll or two first. (Hey, being a true bestie means sympathizing and judging simultaneously, didn't you get the memo?)

"I can't believe you have to move again," Landon tells Chelsea, commiserating with her series of unfortunate events. "As long as, like, you have in your head you're gonna go back this time -- you can't keep pushing it back," he finishes, striking preemptively against his BFF's tendency to not follow through. "I know! Don't let me do that," she responds, acknowledging her own bad habit. Let's hope Chelsea follows Landon's -- and her own -- advice, and makes this leave of absence as temporary as possible.

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