Fill In Your 'Awkward.' Memory Gaps With This Season 2 Refresher


Life as "Awkward" upperclassmen awaits! Now that Jenna, Tamara and their respective boyfriends, Matty and Jake, are Palos Hills High School juniors, all bets are off. So before the crew steps back on campus and starts stressing over social hierarchies and PSATs, you may want to freshen your memory of their 10th grade exploits. Here is Season 2, in summation:

As if fallout from the dreaded Carefrontation letter with her mother, Lacey, wasn't enough to stomach, Jenna's New Year's Eve revelry was cut short when Jake demanded she DTR. The two had been sorta-dating for awhile, but with Matty's name still unofficially in the romance ring, Jenna remained confused about which way to go. Finally, with Ming and Tamara as voices of reason, Jenna decided to make things official with Jake. Matty was devastated, and after telling J-Town he loved her, set out on a relentless (and often intentionally shirtless) quest to win her back.

Junior year! Time to make it or break it (except, you know, when it comes to bones -- body casts are only in vogue once):

As time went on, Jenna found she really felt comfortable as Jake's girlfriend, but things started to spiral out of control at home, as after Lacey came clean about her poison pen, Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton separated. Plus, with Val's new position as Vice Principal, Jenna had one fewer person in whom she could confide (well, maybe that was a blessing in disguise...). Not even an impromptu trip to church camp espoused any clarity for Jenna, and with T occupied with a never-ending Ricky Schwartz saga (he seriously fell in love with Sadie Saxton?! We're still reeling...), and Ming in the midst of Asian Mafia warfare, she seemed less sure than ever about what -- or who -- was right for her.

Trouble rolling with the punches? Jenna's been there before:

Still, Jake continued to prove that he was Jenna's rock -- that is, until Aunt Ally's dreaded wedding. As if it wasn't bad enough that Jenna and Sadie would officially be tied for life (Ally was to be married to Sadie's uncle), Sadie dropped the bomb that was meant to remain undetonated, and alerted Jake to the fact that Matty and Jenna were previously a couple on the DL. Jake broke up with Jenna on the spot, and even came to blows with former best friend Matty. With time to think about their respective relationships with Jenna, though, both guys told her they were down to give things a second shot, and Jenna was faced with the toughest choice of her life. It certainly didn't help her anxiety that the whole telenovela went viral!

After looking at her story from every conceivable angle -- and even plotting it against a parallel universe -- Jenna finally made her choice: Matty. (It was always Matty, huh?) Her parents reconciled (thanks in part to a clumsy mid-morning romp -- yay!) and Jenna forgave Lacey (double yay!), so with a repaired foundation and all skeletons forced out of the closet, Jenna re-declared herself Matty's girl, and Ricky continued to declare himself a slut -- this time, with Clark! At least T had finally wised up to his ways. Sadie, on the other hand, was love-burned for the first time ever...

New and old love? Seems to be a trend around these parts:

Everything seemed to be coming up roses for J, but after falling into Matty's arms on the season finale, she instantly lost confidence in her choice (damn, grrrl, when will it end???). A continued game of dating-musical chairs was out of the question, as Jake and Tamara seemed verrrrry content with each other, and that's where we left off, folks. Whew!

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Photo: Matthias Clamer

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