Meet Lunchables' New Celebrity Ambassador: Rob Dyrdek [Video]

Rob Dyrdek_lunchables

Rob Dyrdek explains how he "uploads" his lunch. 

In a world where Snooki is publicly praising the tastiness of pistachios and David Beckham is hawking Sharpies, it's not exactly odd to find Rob Dyrdek endorsing the wholesome goodness of Lunchables; however, we were still a bit bamboozled when the "Ridiculousness" host was announced as the brand's new celeb ambassador. Guess you can never be too old for a school snack!

Dyrdek is currently promoting the new Lunchables Uploaded campaign on YouTube, and it's quite the social media experiment. In a series of videos (check out two of them, below), the pro-skater instructs viewers on how to enhance simple life moments such as making birthday wishes, flying paper planes and...taking selfies. His wisdom knows no bounds, and we can guarantee you one sweet-lookin' duck-face after watching the one-on-one lessons. You might even be craving some Lunchables ham, cheese and cracker combos...

Check out the Fantasy Factory creator's latest project:

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Photo: LunchablesUpld