JWOWW's Perfect Tan Bikini Shoot Has Us Itching For Summer [Photos]


JWOWW gets a touch-up before hitting the sand and surf.

As we inch closer -- yet still not close enough -- towards coatless weather here on the East Coast, it's hard to recall what an actual beach looks like, never mind a tan, toned body. But that's what we have our dear JWOWW for, friends! The fit guidette shared Instagram pics over the weekend of her soaking up the sun as a Perfect Tan Bikini model, and, well, we're seething with jealousy (man, she looks beautiful!), jealousy (man, it sure looks warm there!) and more jealousy (man, this is her JOB!). "Jersey" girls have all the luck.

Jenni shared a smattering of behind-the-scenes shots from a tropical photo shoot for her line of gravity-defying swimsuits, which seem to have held up pretty well throughout the day. At least, no images of wardrobe malfunctions were posted. "Final look for #perfecttanbikini #sunset #perfection," she wrote of the picturesque photo below accentuating her sexy silhouette. The photographer, Brent Allen, was equally proud of the day's work, saying, "I cant wait to show off these sunset pics. ;-)." Meanwhile, back in the Land of Sweaters...


JWOWW drops to her knees at dusk.


Not a tan line in sight!


Bermuda...Bahamas...come on, pretty mama.


JWOWW poses with some of the other models. 

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Photos courtesy of Jenni's Instagram