Get To Know Nolan Funk, The Actor Behind The Not-So-'Awkward' New Kid [Video]


When Collin hits Palos Hills in the upcoming season of "Awkward," get ready to cast aside the nervous, clumsy "new kid" archetype you've come to know. In the interview below, Nolan Funk, the actor playing PHHS' newest student (you might remember him from "Glee"), says you can expect Collin to be a bit of a sly dog when he enrolls, and that he's certainly not the type to endure swirlies or end up stuffed in a locker before first period.

"Collin is kind of mysterious," Nolan says in the clip. "He's definitely seen the world [and] has had a lot more life experience than a lot of the kids at the high school." A fan of "Awkward," himself, Nolan says he was thrilled when he officially got the part, and was impressed by how one "Awkward" actress nailed it during a shoot. "I think that Ashley has this thing that she does with her eyes, where you...really feel something for her and you see this vulnerable teenage girl," he says.

+ Are you ready to meet sly, worldly Collin? Tell us your initial impressions, and stay tuned for the Season 3 premiere of "Awkward" April 16 at 10/9c!

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