Toby Is Looking To Ditch His Nice Guy Image And Be 'MADE' Into A 'Ladies Man' [Trailer]


The "nice guys finish last" adage doesn't register with anyone more clearly than Toby, a goodhearted coed who's tired of exclusively playing the "friend" role to all of his female classmates. "Women always tell me I have a great personality," he says in the "Ladies Man: A MADE Movie" trailer below. Sadly, though, being the shoulder to cry hasn't earned him any more than a handshake, and Toby's finally ready to swap his unoffensive Chucks for some "man-whore" boots -- problem is, his new game-changing crush, Dahlia, has him pegged as gay. No breaks to be caught here!

In this preview of the original MTV flick, Toby decides to enter the "Mr. Olympus" pageant to propel himself into the girl of his dreams' league and prove he's worth her time. Transformation into a demigod proves to be more of an undertaking than he and his good friend Ashley prepared for, however, and when he finally does start to make progress, the inevitable question pops up: Is this even worth it? A cool new 'do and some designer shades can only take you so far, after all...

Check out the video, and tune in to "Ladies Man: A MADE Movie" April 9 at 9/8c!

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