'Nitro Circus Live' Daredevils Take An Icy Dip On A Swedish Glacier [Sneak Peek]


The "Nitro Circus Live" pros might have a jam-packed European tour schedule, but don't worry, the extreme sport junkies still manage to find time to unwind...in their own special way. In this sneak peek, a few members of the crew spend their time off gallivanting around an iceberg in Sweden, and decide to hold an impromptu swimming session -- because Swedish chocolate clearly ain't enough to curb their adrenaline cravings.

Slowly, they all strip down to their skivvies, and "Nitro" creator Gregg Godfrey offers some words of encouragement: "After all the years of abuse on our bodies, it's kind of nice to take a nice bath," he says. "I think it'll help heal all the wounds." A new holistic approach, perhaps? Not so much, because mere seconds after jumping into the subzero waters, they all scramble to escape the icy pit of despair as one regretful soul screams, "I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM!" Better stick to modern medicine.

Don't miss the action-packed premiere of "Nitro Circus Live," Tuesday night at 11/10c on MTV2!

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