It's Unanimous: 'Weekend Brunch' Names Khloe The Superior Kardashian [Video]


The sacred ritual of girlfriend brunch-gossip is as old as time itself (if you don't think cave women gabbed about their boyfriends' hunting techniques over raw meat, you're dead wrong), and every good "Weekend Brunch" includes a segue into the fabulous lives of celebrities. In the clip below from MTV's upcoming "Brunch" interludes, Molly Tarlov, Nicole Byer, Snooki and Holland Roden tackle one of the most polarizing issues facing young people today: Which Kardashian is the best Kardashian?

"My favorite of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is Khloe, obviously," Molly tells the girls, who all fervently agree. "She's an Amazon, but she's hot!" Snooki adds, which spawns a rallying cry to defend Khloe's weight. TV is not kind, and she's way skinnier in person, OKAY!? When Snooks turns the convo to the impending Kimye baby, "Girl Code" expert Nicole throws her choice for the kid's name into the ring. "I hope they name them, like, Kwanzaa or something," she says. "Kwanzaa Kardashian?" Holland questions, trying out the name. "Kwanzaa Kardashian-West," Nicole corrects. What, Easton West doesn't do it for you ladies?

Check out the vid for more Kardashian musings, and tune in to MTV this weekend to hear more from the midday meal!

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Photo: MTV