'Real World' Sneak Peek: Hurricane Nia Is Inching Closer To Portland!


If your TV is beginning to emit ominous, high-pitched tones, it's not a tornado warning -- this weather advisory is centered squarely on Hurricane Nia. The "Real World" housemate you've been dying to meet will finally get the attention of meteorologists (and mental health professionals) when she blows into Oregon during the show's next episode, and her future roommates, who say they're hoping for an even-tempered tenant, are in for the surprise of their life when the winds pick up and this Howard U grad busts through the doors.

"One of my best talents is I'm a great liar," Nia says in her casting tape, some of which is featured in the sneak peek below. Fittingly, she then introduces herself to her future housemates on the phone as a Caucasian/Cherokee hybrid (she isn't) with a Southern accent (she's faking it). The housemates are thrilled that they'll meet her in person the following morning, and say they're hoping for someone to complement their dynamic. "Let's just hope she's normal and fun, and not a psycho," Anastasia says. Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahaha.

+ Check out the video, and tune in to the game-changing "Real World" episode Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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