6 Healthy Relationship Lessons We Learned From 'Snooki & JWOWW'


Fuhgettabout "The Rules." Everything you need to know about relationships you can learn from watching "Snooki & JWOWW." Snicker all you want, but the two BFFs clearly know what's up in Loversville, as evidenced throughout Season 2.

No, Snooki, Jenni and their boys weren't born experts in the art of coupling -- we've seen Roger all but beg to get it in, JWOWW cop to a selfish streak, Jionni send some hateful texts and Snooki infamously flash her koo-kah in public -- but their mistakes have taught them how to work through their issues in a healthy way, and these days, both pairs are able to make up rather quickly following an argument.

One of the truest tests of a solid relationship is being able to survive the rough patches, but there are plenty more tips to consider! Below, check out six important lessons imparted this season of "S&J."


 1. Communicate honestly and openly. After their epic girls' night out, both Nicole and Jenni found themselves in the doghouse with their men. (A schwasted Shnooki made out with a handful of her girlfriends while Jionni stayed home with the baby, and a mucho hung over JWOWW flaked on afternoon plans with Roger.) After what seemed like an eternity of silent treatment, both couples had sit-downs and discussed their feelings like mature adults. And then they kissed and made up. How...easy!


2. Accept responsibility when you're wrong. Nicole knew she shouldn't have played tonsil hockey with Ryder. Jenni was fully aware she should have been more considerate of Roger's time. Both girls sincerely apologized for their mistakes, which made it easier for Roger and Jionni to forgive them and move on.


3. Take risks. Conquer your fears as a team. Do something piss-in-your-pants scary together (and live to tell about it), like jumping out of an airplane. Hey, you never know -- you might wind up with a 5-carat diamond ring as a reward for your bravery!


4. Laugh together. Be silly! Give your newborn baby a gentle comb-over. Cover your happy trail with Russell Stovers. Drink your bestie's breast milk. Pull the occasional prank, even if you fail hard like ol' Roger did with his Saran Wrap shenanigans. Whatever your jokey style, just do what ya gotta do to not take yourselves too seriously!


5. Be open to each others' interests. Be it skydiving, pedicures, lobster-fishing or painting a pregnant belly cast, if it's important to your partner, it's worth giving it a try.


6. Don't forget your friends! While you'll always have each other, maintain those outside friendships. Friends are the family you get to choose, and the Sunday dinner table was meant to have tons of place settings.

+ What else did you learn from these two wise guidettes? Any love lessons of your own to share with the Lonely Hearts Club? Sound off in the comments!

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Photo: Scott Schafer

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