Danielle Fishel On Going To Prom With Lance Bass: I Asked Him! [Video]


Danielle Fishel and Lance Bass canoodle on the red carpet in 2006.

Danielle Fishel recently blew our minds when she provided photographic evidence that 'NSYNC star Lance Bass escorted her to prom. YUP. The snapshot left us wondering exactly how the '90s sweetheart went from kissing Cory Matthews on screen to slow-dancing with Lance Bass IRL, and thankfully, PopSugar snagged a video interview with Danielle, where she explains how she landed the boy-bander, Sadie Hawkins style. How progressive!

When a fan asks Danielle whether or not it's too forward to invite her crush to prom, Danielle becomes reminiscent of her own prom date saga. "Well, I asked my boyfriend at the time," she says of her ballsy move. Go, Topanga! "I had to make sure his schedule would allow for prom." You know, since 'NSYNC was just a tad busy back then. Though a gig in Japan almost messed up their plans, Lance redeemed himself a week later with three dozen roses and a note asking Danielle to prom, complete with "yes or no" check boxes. Assuming he pulled out some 'NSYNC moves, a la "Bye Bye Bye," at the dance, we're checking "yes" to the fact that their love story is definitely the most '90s of all!

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Photo: Michael Tran Archive/Getty Images