Lunch Gets Off To A Sour Start When Snooki Confuses JWOWW For Angelina [Bonus Scene]


If Snooki grabbed the wrong set of keys or put her top on inside-out before meeting JWOWW for lunch, blaming a foggy pair of glasses would have been a perfectly reasonable excuse. But the minute the guidette enters Don Jose to join her BFF in the "Snooki & JWOWWbonus scene below and accidentally mistakes her for (gasp) Angelina, not even proven legal blindness could save her. Let this serve as a reminder, folks: Ms. Pivarnick's first name is totally verboten.

"Oh my God, you look like Angelina," Snooki says as she makes her way to the booth where Jenni's seated. "From far away..." she adds, trying to fix her social faux pas. "All right, I'm out," JWOWW quickly responds as she pretends to get up. "You never bring that name into this house!"

Luckily for Nicole, the engagement present she brought makes Jenni forgive the whole case of mistaken identity. Aww, it's almost as if likening Jen to her sworn enemy never even happened!

Watch the clip, and keep checking Remote Control for more on the girls' respective wedding plans!

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