Jessica And Jordan Deconstruct Marlon's 'Real World' Sex Confession [Video]


Not since Dustin's big ex-porn bomb in "Las Vegas" have "Real World" roomies' jaws hit the floor so fast. When mega-masculine Marlon let the cat out of the bag that his anal sexcapade was with another guy, the cast's faces said it all: Whaaaaaat!? To describe their reactions as "surprised" would be an understatement, and in this "Real World" online after show clip, Jessica and Jordan take a break from feuding (okay, not really) to dissect the moment that made them all do a double-take during tonight's episode.

"How crazy was it to find out that this guy that came from a good school...[played] a huge sport and was a star at it, [and could have] any girl he wanted had sex with a man?" Jordan asks after he won't accept Jessica's claim that Marlon's gay sex reveal was no big deal to her. Eventually, she admits that while she didn't "give a f**k," the information was startling. The one thing the two don't debate is Marlon's identification as straight. Jordan confesses that he used to think, "Once you hop the fence you can't hop back," but after getting to know Marlon better throughout the season he believes it was a one-time thing. "I wouldn't ever consider him gay, at all," he tells Jess.

+ Check out the clip to hear more of Jordan's and Jessica's thoughts on Marlon's disclosure, and let us know if you were shocked by it.

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