'True Life' Check-In: Amanda Is Still Happy With Her Decision To Detransition

Tonight's "True Life" explored the stories of two young trans people who were in the process of gender reassignment, only to realize they weren't quite sure it was the right decision for them anymore. We had an opportunity to check in with Amanda to find out how her life has changed since filming wrapped -- take a look at her check-in below.


Sharing my story with "True Life" was fun. It's nice knowing that someone's interested in what you feel and what you have to say. It's also a pretty cool feeling to know that sharing my story may help someone else with their identity issues.

Right now, I'm focusing on school and trying to take life as it comes. I'll figure out who I am incrementally, so there's no need to rush into that search. I'm still enjoying living as a woman, and that may be because I'm not really caught up in how to be a woman "correctly" anymore. I don't regret detransitioning at all. Transition wasn't for me, but I would never have known that if I hadn't tried it in the first place.

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Photo courtesy of Amanda