Which Real Worlder's Side Are You On: Jessica's Or Jordan's?


Who woulda thunk the seemingly peaceful act of hookah-smoking could lead to a domestic blowout? On tonight's "Real World: Portland," Jordan and Jessica squared off after Jordan grew increasingly irritated with Jessica's drama and, uh, personal opinions on the state of the American economy, eventually resulting in enemy lines being drawn. In the "Real World" online after show clip below, neither is ready to concede in any way, and both parties indicate we've got a season-long standoff on our hands. Get your gloves on! Here we go...

"The Wiseley men have a saying," Jordan remarks in the clip, looking back on his arguments with Jessica. "You don't have to agree with me; I'm not going to force you to be right." Jessica admits that Jordan was a go-to source of reason when it came to "factual" matters in the house, but asserts that there is more to being right than just being book-smart. "You think that because you're intelligent, that everyone else is stupid, and it doesn't work that way," she says. "You cannot be right about someone's opinion."

Are you waving the Jessica or Jordan flag so far this season? Check out the video, and tell us where you stand!

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