How's About Some Kristin Cavallari, Rev Run Or Nick Cannon With Your Latte? [Photos]


Waiter, there's a...Kristin this drink...

It'd take a private eye to find a "Hills" scene in which Kristin Cavallari or one of her L.A. pals weren't clutching coffees during a stroll down Melrose, but we're willing to bet the former reality star's afternoon caffeine fix never came with a complimentary reflection. K-Cav recently tweeted a photo of her own likeness in her Burger King latte's foam, and it turns out, she's not the only one with a mirror in her beverage -- Rev Run and Nick Cannon are also seeing drink-doubles. WHAT WORLD ARE WE IN?!

"Whos (sic) that girl staring back at me in my @BurgerKing #latte? It’s me!" the young mom tweeted after finding the only thing creepier than an errant fly inside her cup. Soon after, Cannon and soothsayer Rev Run stumbled upon similar images. "@BurgerKing launches lattes & they made 1 with a big ole pic of my face on it. Don’t I look handsome in cinnamon?" Cannon posted. Dashing indeed! And let us be the first to say, as far as BK's new menu items are concerned, we're glad these MTV stars didn't find traces of themselves in the turkey burger or donut holes. Sh** would've gotten even weirder...

Feast your eyes on all of the liquidy goodness!


...and a Nick Cannon...


...and a Rev Run.

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Photos courtesy of @KristinCav, @NickCannon and @RevRunWisdom