Coral Smith Offers Her Two Cents About The 'Real World: Portland' Cast [Video]


Earlier this week we announced the fricken' fantastic news that Coral Smith of "Real World: Back to New York" and "Challenge" infamy is returning to MTV as host of the "RW: Portland" after show, but what we neglected to show you at the time -- because we can sometimes be cruel, just for kicks -- is a backstage interview we conducted with the sassy lady in which she provides her (usual) no-holds-barred opinions of the new cast, as well as some wise advice for them. Today we're feeling generous, and we're ready to share.

In the clips below, Coral dishes on who she thinks is ripe to stir up some trouble in the house, but stresses the importance of the roomies staying true to themselves, and not forcing a made-for-TV character down viewers' throats -- otherwise "it's gonna come across as phony and fake," she says. "People generally just want to see who you are, because everyone has such a great story."

The vids are a sweet taste of what's to come when Coral makes her hosting debut in just a few weeks, and more importantly, a glimpse at her fabulous new coif. Check 'em out, stay tuned for more insight from Coral on Remote Control and make sure to watch "Real World: Portland" tonight at 10/9c!

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Photo: Jason Campbell