'True Life' Sneak Peek: Daniela Struggles With Her Gender Identity


Hairdressers are used to clients who want to transform themselves, but for Daniela, a drastic cut is more than just a matter of vanity. In this sneak peek of tonight's "True Life: I'm Questioning My Gender Again," Daniela takes the first step toward her new identity as Jait Jr., and chops off the full head of long hair she worked so hard to grow. By the time she leaves the salon, she is a completely different person than the one who first entered.

"This marks the beginning of my de-transition, and the beginning of the rest of my life," Daniela says, before sitting down with her roommate, Isabella -- who is also transgender -- to hash out the big change. Isabella is concerned about Daniela's upcoming breast-removal surgery, but Daniela is confident in her decision to go ahead with the procedure. "No matter how I'm gonna be presenting myself to the world, I'm still me," Daniela says.

Check out the segment, and tune in for the episode tonight at 11/10c!

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