Take A Closer Look Inside Mac Miller's 'Most Dope' Birthday Bash! [Bonus Scene]


Now that was some party. Surrounded by his best buddies, hot chicks in thongs and bangin' tunes, Mac Miller may have just pulled off the most epic 21st birthday bash Sin City has ever seen. One quick look at this bonus scene from tonight's "Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family" season finale stirs up envy that we weren't invited. Next year, right Mac?

This was certainly not Mac's first time hitting up the nightlife scene, but crossing the velvet rope legally? That's a tooootally different story. But whatever antics Mac may have gotten himself into during the past is old news now, because the officially legal jokester has totally earned the right to party hard at the big kids' table, and after pre-gaming in a tricked-out hotel suite, he and his boys head out to the club to pop bottles with models all night long. No more curfew!

Check out the clip for a closer look inside Mac's B-day celebration:

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